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Project Description

carathotel Basel / Weil am Rhein

Located in close proximity to the Swiss border (only 10 minutes from Basel city center), the carathotel Basel / Weil am Rhein with its 162 rooms is one of the biggest hotels on the German side of the tripoint area, thus presenting a very interesting challenge for Revenue Management and sales. It’s a challenge, we’ve successfully mastered over the past few years.

Success stories

Right in the first year after having identified major management and performance issues at the hotel, we were able to boost occupancy rates and RevPAR by 15% due to the launch of a professional Revenue Management concept as well as the use of a cloud-based hotel management software. By putting emphasis on data-based decision-making in the field of Revenue Management, the hotel saw one of its most successful years in 2016 ever since it was opened 25 years ago. For 2017, we’re targeting further sales optimizations as we continue on our way to the top.

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